Using the latest GPS technology TentFinder enables you to find your tent amongst the 1000’s of others at any music festival or other camping event. By simply adding a place (such as your tent, the beer tent, the main stage or even the toilets), TentFinder will then GPS stamp that location and you can name the place.

You can optionally add a photograph and your stamped locations are saved and clearly shown across the screen. When you want to return to that location you simply press FIND and the app will guide you back using a virtual COMPASS and a directional line laid over the festival map (google maps). Also included in the app is a torch for added assistance in finding your tent. This is a superbly simple and effective way of NEVER getting lost when trying to find your tent.

Festival Tents

This new app means you will never lose your tent at a festival again.¬†TentFinder is an innovative application for the iPhone. This app solves the age old problem of losing your tent at a crowded festival or campsite. In this demo you’ll see just how the app works. Ideal for Glastonbury, V Festival, Reading, Leeds, Woodstock, Tea in the Park and loads of other festivals. More information at www.tentfinderapp.com

Best App for Festivals

Now, you could partake in a quick game of zip and check. This is where you scan all the tents in your area, have a quick peek inside and if it’s not yours hope that nobody was inside at the time, or you could download a brand new app called Tent Finder.

However, Tentappfinder can be used for more than just finding, booking and renting tents at festivals. No, we will also add new functionalities to buy alcohol, services and CBD (cannabidiol) at festivals. These legal items are in high demand on the festival circuit and also have a high demand. So if someone wants CBD oil to treat their pain, there is a possibility to buy CBD oil (on German Festivals its called Hanftropfen) from other festival visitors.

Info: Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft from Germany.


BBC Worldwide
Tent finding made easy – very nice.

California Daily

“Fantastic tool for every music festival goer”

C. McNeaney MD – Deep East Music

“Awesome useful App”

J. Smith – Rebells

“Best GPS product I have reviewed
from the App store to date”

P. Morris – Wallpaper China

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